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AR Reading
Due Date: 5/31/2018
Subject: Middle School Language/Reading

Students need to spend 20 minutes each night reading their AR Books. The first book each nine weeks will be a Non-fiction book. Students AR Level and points required are listed on page 17 of their Planner. Students must list on this page each book they get and read. They will put the score they receive on the same page after they take their AR Test. Please review this periodically so you know what they are reading.


Thank you so much for your assistance. The more students read the more it will help them in every subject not just Language Arts.

Vocabulary - Information
Due Date: 8/2/2017
Subject: Middle School Language/Reading


We will have vocabulary on all weeks that are full weeks. There will be no vocabulary on weeks that have holidays or less than 5 days in school.

Vocabulary will be given and reviewed with students on Fridays. They will be tested on the following Friday. This will give students a chance to study them over the weekend, if they wish. Students need to know how to spell the words, definitions, and be able to use the word in a sentence.


Homework: Students will have to write each vocabulary word in a sentence for homework and will be due on Tuesdays.


Sentences must:

  • be 10 or more words
  • make sense
  • have the vocabulary word used properly
  • not add or take letters off the vocabulary word
  • be grammatically correct
  • start with a capital
  • end with punctuation
  • underline the vocabulary word
  • be neat